final1Catch problems before you own the home

You’ve found your perfect home, your offer has been accepted and the bank has approved your mortgage loan. What an exciting time!
But before you sign the closing documents and roll into the driveway with your moving van, there’s another important step to take. You must do a final walk-through 48 hours before closing.

What to look for

You should use the final walk-through to make sure everything is as it should be with the property. While it may be tempting to relishfinal4 the moment, you really need to look over the home with unbiased eyes. In your purchase agreement there will be a list of items that are staying with the house. Make sure all of these items are still there. If you negotiated for the crystal chandelier, make sure it hasn’t been removed or replaced with something else.
Likewise, everything that isn’t staying with the house should have been removed or at least neatly boxed up. Assume that all the articles in and around the house will be there when you move in. Check the garage, basement and attics, as well as the yards, for unwanted items and junk.
Also in the purchase agreement there might be a list of repairs that were to be made before closing. Have they been completed? The best way to be sure is to ask for copies of receipts for work done.
final3Make sure there is no new damage. In the process of moving out, did the seller’s furniture scratch the floors or walls? Also, look for signs of mold or water damage that developed after you had the property inspected.

Make sure everything works

Go through the house room by room, making sure all lights, faucets and appliances are functional. Turn on appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher to make sure they work. Make sure you have copies of warranties and owner’s manuals for appliances.
Make sure all doors and windows open and close easily and can lock and that there are no missing screens or storm windows. Determine whether the heating and cooling systems operate properly. Check to see if electrical outlets are in place and undamaged, and if circuit breakers are labeled. Outside lights, hoses and so on also need to be checked. Don’t forget to go through the garage.

What if something’s wrong?final2

If you spot defects, tell your Realtor®, who will help you get them cleared up before the closing. The seller, having spent untold hours on the sale of this property, is very eager to close the deal and will most likely comply with any request.
If you’re thorough in the final walk-through there will be no surprises after the closing. Then you can put all your attention on setting up your home just the way you want it.

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