Wanted to share this video that explains where you can get your FICO score or credit score for no charge.  Take a look.


Credit score – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is a credit score? – Bankrate.com

HowStuffWorks “How Credit Scores Work”

What is a Credit Score? The Complete Guide – Money Under 30

Credit Scores: Understanding All 3 Scores & Where They Come From


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  1. Take a look around you. Everyone you know is broke. Broke is noamrl. Broke is playing the credit score game. Your only 19 straight out of high school and these guys have already given you three credit cards. Go talk to everyone you know and ask them has having a credit card really brought joy into their lives. Sure they are great at the mall but when payment time comes and late fees and over the limit fees and collections come around how great are those cards then. Ask them how would it feel to be out of debt today. How would having that bill lifted off their shoulders feel to them? How would not having to deal with payments and credit scores and fees feel? I gaurantee that no one will say that all the hassle is worth the convenience. They will rationalize with air miles and small cash back bonuses, but is all that really worth being subject to credit. Now is the perfect time to start being weird and actually have some money. Cut up those cards and close those accounts. Start your life in freedom not in slavery to the credit card companies and your credit score. If your score is already 708 and you can’t get a loan then that shows you that the almighty credit score is not so almighty. Unlike the credit card company the loan office is using it’s head. Here is a person just out of high school. Probably doesn’t have a great income. There is a lot of risk there, better get someone else on the loan in case they can’t pay. Not the credit card company. Hey here is someone with a name let’s give them a card.

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