Title insurance is an insurance policy provided by a title company that guarantees or insures the accuracy of the chain of ownership or title work done on your home at the time of purchase.  This insurance guarantees that there are “No Claims of Ownership”, or “Liens” and insures against any potential or future claims.

For example, you received a knock on your door and are told to move out because “my great grand-daddy used to own this land and I inherited it.”  Your title policy protects you under this circumstance.

As a buyer or seller, you will be required to purchase a “lenders policy” of title insurance, which insures the lender against future loss in the event of any legal issues relating to the title of your home.  At the time of purchase, a buyer is required to purchase an “owners policy” of title insurance, which would be a protection for the owner of the home against the same potential future loss.

Your State Department of Insurance establishes the maximum costs/price for Title Insurance in your state.

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