Technology…it really does make it easier…


I have been doing this thing called “home loans” since 1992, about 20 years.  I know, I am sounding old, and hopefully, not boring.  But things are a lot easier today for me, and my customers, to not only make decisions, gather information, but also make connections.


Back then, it took days, yes, days to get a credit report that was printed on its’ own dedicated tractor-fed printer.  It hurts just to think about the hassle.  Today, with the applicants’ permission, I enter personal data, click a button and instantaneously I am viewing the credit report along with 3 credit scores.  Small things add up.


Yesterday, I had a light bulb moment.  Yes, it actually went on and not out.  I was speaking with a customer in Mechanic Falls, Maine and we were discussing an old collection account that was reported on the credit report even though he had paid it in full.  He was frustrated and wanted more detailed information than I could describe, no matter how close I held the phone to my screen (Ha!).  He was a visual person (aren’t we all these days) and understood better by seeing than hearing.


So it hit me.  I have a software tool that allows others to view my PC from the comfort of their own PC.  I immediately sent an email to the customer in Mechanic Falls, Maine with a link to my PC.  He clicked, and was instantly connected to me in more ways than one.  Together we were able to view all 5 pages of his credit report and look in detail at the collection account item on the report which was an old account for an X-ray fee that was incorrectly charged.  Armed with this new information, the customer is now able to dispute the information with the collection company to permanently remove from his credit report.


Technology…it really does make it easier…


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