How could you have a low credit score if you pay all your bills on time? Check this out! The Top 3 reasons why your score is not higher, even if, you are paying your bills on time.

I hear this all the time “Dave, look at this credit report, he has no late dates and he is a Doctor and his score in in the low 600′s” then “There has to be a mistake, he makes over $250,000 a year.” Well credit scores don’t look at income and it is easy to have a low score without a late date. So watch this video and find out how to fix your credit report and credit score. How to take your OK credit to Great Credit……


Why you Should Pay your Bills on Time

How your FICO credit score is calculated: Length of credit history Length of Credit History

FICO Credit Score Chart: How credit scores are calculated

Learn How Credit Utilization Affects Your Credit Score

Getting credit utilization under control will make you more appealing

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