shop1This 3-Step home shopping process is easy and simple and is aimed primarily at those who are looking to move in the next 3 to 9 months.

The first step that we are NOT going to include is confirming your purchasing power by speaking with a Mortgage Loan Officer, and confirming your credit, income, and assets so that you have a good snapshot of your current financial situation.  Please review my blog “Preparing to Buy a Home in 4 Steps” where we get into detail about qualifying.

Step 1 –  Find a Realtor that will set you up on an automatic email list of homes for sale that matches your home shopping criteria:

Please give me a call and I will match you with a FULL TIME Real Estate Professional that I think shop2would work best with you.  When, as a buyer, you have many months ahead of you before you can or want to move, I recommend that you first get on a daily or weekly email that will send a list of homes in the price range and neighborhoods/area/cities that you want.  Having this list will give you a sense of market conditions…remember, knowledge, particularly current market knowledge, is POWER!


Step 2 – “Windshield” Shop by driving your desired areas:

Once you are about 3 months out from buying, and you’ve been receiving your daily email home shopping list, you have probably narrowed your choices.  Shopping by computer screen can be deceiving and misleading.  You still need to understand the lay-of-the-land and the “Look and Feel” of the homes and neighborhoods.  Once you are 2-3 months out from buying, reconnect with your Real Estate Professional and schedule a few showing appointments of your favorite 3 or so homes that are currently on the market.  This way, you can get a real taste of what is out there, and have a chance to physically drive around in the area/community you have selected and see the homes.  You may find small pockets of homes in your area much more to desire or you may find what areas you can begin to avoid.


shop3STEP 3 – Active shopping and contract negotiations.

You are a month and a half to 2 months out from buying your home, and you are no longer a window shopper.  Contact your loan officer to confirm your pre-qualification and set up for a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter from you lender.  You are now a bonafide homebuyer looking for a home.  Set your appointment(s) with your Realtor on your favorite homes they help you find and start making your sales offers.  Be prepared to make spur of the moment appointments as homes come on the market quickly, because the best of the best homes with the right prices do not stay on the market long.  Let me say it again.  The best of the best homes with the right prices do not stay on the market long.


If you would like help finding the best Real Estate Professional for you and your family, please contact me and I’ll make sure you find one that cares about finding you the best house for you and your family. Plano Mortgage


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Shopping for a home



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