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Another way we remove your risk in the lending process is through our Communication Guarantee.

You see, many borrowers complain that they almost never hear from their lender after they have a sales contract and their loan is being processed. We honestly do not understand how those lenders are able to stay in business, but it does happen. As a top Mortgage Lender, we’ve helped thousands of families who have had this experience, and enabled them to feel more confident about borrowing again in the future.

We take pride in our open lines of communication with the borrower, Buyers Agent, Listing Agent and Title Closer. Our schedule puts us in touch with all parties timely and efficiently either by text, email, or a simple phone call. This is also a great time for anyone to ask us questions about the process, appraisal, underwriting/approval, closing status.

As you can tell, we are serious about communicating with our clients. So serious in fact, that we guarantee that clients who have completed a signed loan application with us will hear from us every single week.

If there is ever a week where you do not hear from us with an update on our home loan, we will give you $500 in lender credit at closing. 

With thousands of loan closings, we have never had to pay anyone on our Communication Guarantee. Moreover, we will work hard to keep that from happening – you have our word on it!

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